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Bee Buzzy Wraps Labels - Custom
Bee Buzzy Wraps Labels - Custom

Bee Buzzy Wraps Labels - Custom

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Bee Buzzy Wraps Labels are made the same way as our original beeswax food wraps but are made into label size.

Made using 100% Organic cotton, pure West Australian beeswax, natural tree gum and organic Jojoba oil.

These plastic free reusable labels are desinged to stick onto your jar or wrap to easily identify what is in it and are made to be resued over and over again!

Simply wash your jar, fill with each ingredient, stick the label with the warmth of your hand to the jar and store in your panty. Once the jar is empty, simply peel off the label ( I stick mine to the fridge when not in use on a jar!) wash the jar, refil and restick the label. Alternatively, wrap cheese or vegetables with a Bee Buzzy Wrap and stick the label onto the outside of the wrap and place in the fridge. 

I have been testing these labels and so far they are genius! they should last as long as our beeswax food wraps, so up to a year or longer and can easily be refreshed the same way as our wraps. (quickest way is in 10 second bursts in your microwave just enough to soften the coating!)

This custom set of labels is made specifically for what you have in your pantry or fridge, just send us an email or direct message via social media with your custom list and we will make them to order