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Bee Buzzy Produce Bags 3pk
Bee Buzzy Produce Bags 3pk

Bee Buzzy Produce Bags 3pk

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Set of 3 hand made calico produce bags.

These bags are made with calico and the ties are made with Bee Buzzy Wraps fabric offcuts. We donate most of our fabric offcuts but I've been making produce bags for family and friends out of scraps for a long time and have been asked lately if we sell them, so here they are!

They are far from perfect as they are handmade by me and sewing is far from a talent of mine but they save hundreds of single use plastic bags from landfill and to me that makes them perfect!

We have been using ours for a couple of years now, we use them for so many things like flour, oats, coconut, sugar, fruit, nuts, seeds, pasta and rice..... The list is endless! I even put bread rolls or croissants in the large size too!

They get washed in our machine over and over again and after a while the ties will fray but to me it ads to the charm of buying handmade!

They come in 3 sizes

Large 29 x 35cm, medium 23 x 29cm and small 18 x 24cm approximately

When they reach the end of their life they can be safely composted back to the earth!

**Please note these bags are NOT coated in our wax mixture they are fabric only**