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Bee Buzzy Sweet Orange Lotion Bar
Bee Buzzy Sweet Orange Lotion Bar
Bee Buzzy Sweet Orange Lotion Bar

Bee Buzzy Sweet Orange Lotion Bar

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These beautiful lotion bars are hand made by me in the Bee Buzzy wrapping studio. They come in their own aluminium travel tin and are plastic free and zero waste (two of my favourite things!!)

They are a little different than liquid lotion in the fact that they are solid and require the warmth of your hands or skin the gently melt the bar to then rub the oils on your skin.

They may feel greasy in warmer weather but the oils they contain are organic and so easily absorbed into you skin that they leave your skin feeling beautiful and soft.

They contain South West Honey Beeswax binds all the ingredients together and makes sure they stick to your skin allowing the oils and butters to soak in.

Organic Cocoa Butter  softens and soothes, heals dry and damaged skin and helps soothe any irritation.

Organic Shea Butter contains Vit E which moisturises and protects newly nourished skin.

Organic Jojoba Oil is an easily absorbed nourishing moisturiser that also promotes healing and balances sebum production.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil Australian sweet orange oil helps eliminate toxins from the body, has a calming, balancing uplifting effect and smells so good too!

To use, gently rub the lotion bar in your hands until you can feel it begin to warm and melt in the palm of your hand, rub the oils onto your skin and repeat until you have as much as you like to use. It is extra good for elbows, knees and heels but can be used all over your body.

Contains one lotion bar approx 50g and one aluminum travel tin.