Organic ~ Eco Friendly ~ Reusable ~ Beeswax Food Wraps ~ and other Eco Products

Our Story

Bee Buzzy Wraps makes reusable biodegradable beeswax food wraps. 

Our organic wraps are made using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton fabric, local West Australian beeswax, natural tree gum and organic jojoba oil. 

New to Bee Buzzy Wraps is our non organic range of wraps. We have introduced an Australian Flora range of wraps designed by Australian artist Jocelyn Proust. Whilst this fabric is of the highest quality 100% cotton and is coated in our special organic blend it is however not organic fabric. It was a tough decision to introduce a non organic range of wraps but it is something we are constantly asked for so is now available in our online store only under Bee Buzzy Wraps Non Organic.

We became so aware of how much we use plastic in our homes, especially single use plastic which has such a devastating impact of our environment that we had to look for alternatives.

We found one!

Each of our fabric wraps are made by hand in our little wrapping room in the Eastern Wheatbelt of Western Australia. Washed, ironed, cut, coated, dried, folded and packaged all by hand. 

Bee Buzzy Wraps are reusable and washable and are designed to last you up to a year or longer therefore reducing the need for single use plastic in your home.

Thank You for making a positive environmental change and supporting our small business. 

Together, we can make a difference 

Lisa x