Organic ~ Eco Friendly ~ Reusable ~ Beeswax Food Wraps ~ and other Eco Products

How To Use

What are Bee Buzzy Wraps made from?

Bee Buzzy Wraps are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton fabric, local pure West Australian beeswax, natural tree gum and organic jojoba oil. The fabric is washed and cut before being coated in our special mixture, hung to air dry then folded and packaged. 

Our new non organic range of Australian Flora wraps are designed by Australian Artist Jocelyn Proust, Made out of a high quality 100% cotton and coated in our special blend

How do I use Bee Buzzy Wraps?

Coating the fabric in our special blend of ingredients gives the fabric a soft, pliable feel that is reusable over and over again. Our blend acts as a natural antibacterial helping to keep your food fresher for longer. Simply mold your Bee Buzzy wrap to the bowl or plate and the warmth of your hands softens your wrap to create the seal.

You can use this method to wrap cheese, bread, snacks, fruit & vegetables, even to cover jars that have lost the lid....the uses are limited by your imagination. We do not recommend using your wraps on raw meat.

Looking after your Bee Buzzy Wrap

Simply hand wash your wrap in warm soapy water (not too hot or you will melt off the wax) or wipe clean with a damp cloth and let air dry. Once dry, fold you wrap and store in a basket on your bench or somewhere handy to be reused over and over again. With proper care your Bee Buzzy Wrap should last up to one year. Once it is no longer sticky you can simply put it in the compost!


Bee Buzzy Wraps Size Guide

The X-Small wrap is the perfect size to cover the cut end of a cucumber, keep half a tomato or avocado fresh or top a small jar. This wraps is the perfect veggie or jar topper.

The Small wrap is the perfect size to cover a wheel of cheese, make into a pouch to carry snacks, keeping herbs and chillies fresh in the fridge and covering a small bowl.

The Medium wraps is the perfect size for wrapping a block of cheese, a sandwich, covers a medium size bowl or plate, packing lunches in and wrapping veggies like beans, snow peas and herbs to keep them fresher for longer.

The Large wrap is the perfect size for covering a salad bowl or large plate of left overs, wrapping a bunch of carrots or broccoli or packing the family picnic goodies.

The X-Large wrap is the perfect size for keeping a loaf of sourdough fresh, wrapping a bunch of celery or whole cauliflower or covering a platter to take to a picnic or BBQ (just remember to get it back!)